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A test adapted to cater to all audiences

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You're not here by chance

We have developed the test so that it is optimized for all audiences. And if you have reached this page, it is because you are necessarily concerned: student, person in retraining, or simply curious to know more about yourself.

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To reassure yourself or finally find your way

Ideal for students who are not yet sure of their career choices, or for those who do not yet have ideas for the continuation of their studies.

The test allows you to discover many avenues for the future, adapted to what you like.

Make sure you don’t miss your orientation and are on the right track with your career choices.

1 in 3 young people regrets their career choice after high school

Assisting you in finding a fulfilling future

4 out of 10 people in career transition leave their job without being sure of their next step

Assisting you in your reflection to redirect towards THE right profession

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People in career transition

To finally start your second life

Perfect for people in retraining who are looking for ways to change jobs.

Our test is adapted to give you ideas for professions that can be practiced with short training courses and at any age.

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To further discover oneself

Interesting for all the curious who want to know more about them, and who could ultimately perhaps consider a retraining after such results…

47% of employees wish to change their profession

Only one-third of them will do so in their career

Assisting you in envisioning a radiant career

They took the test

and their opinions go straight to our 💘

Delphine P.
Delphine P.

January 24

My son had a disastrous education and couldn't figure out what to do in terms of studies and a job. School tests really didn't help him figure it out, but that test gave him lots of stars in his eyes and he's now happy to know what to do next. Thank you very much for your precious help!

Emily R.
Emily R.

November 23

The test is well developed, very pleasant, and I discovered a lot of jobs that I didn't expect but which actually meet my professional expectations. The report is super detailed on lots of different topics and helped me know which jobs to absolutely avoid and which jobs to look for to flourish.

Vincent D.
Vincent D.

September 23

Being in professional retraining, I did a skills assessment a few months ago. It was long and expensive and I was quite disappointed. Here the results are quick and much more interesting. The report is comprehensive and says a lot about the personality. It gives many ideas in addition to discovering certain trades. I highly recommend.

Nora B.
Nora B.

February 23

My two children, aged 14 and 16, took the test to reassure themselves about their future orientation. More than reassuring them, the results have given them a lot of desire and they now have new jobs in sight, more specific than before, and now know how to develop their future.

Don't know which way to go professionally? Take our test and discover more on your personality and on the careers that suit you best.

So, you decide to take your future into your own hands?

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